Florida Leading The Eco-Friendly Trend in Real Estate

Florida Leading The Eco-Friendly Trend in Real Estate

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One company is now making solar panels standard in all of their homes

It’s the year 2016, and by now we’ve all come to realize just how important mother nature is to us all. The growing eco-friendly trend across the nation is our recognition of how important it is for us to cut down on energy and stop wasting as much as we do. One Florida company has become the first in South Florida to make it their mission to reduce home energy costs and waste. Stellar Homes Group has made solar panels as a standard feature in all of their new homes. Not a bad idea for a place known as “the Sunshine State” if you ask me! Look for this trend to start picking up steam in Bradenton Real Estate as well.


The eco-friendly real estate trend with Stellar Homes


Stellar Homes is introducing solar panels in all of their homes in a bid to make their products more energy-efficient and cost-effective for their customers. But they aren’t just stopping there. Aside from the sun-loving panels adorning their new homes, each Stellar home will come equipped with hybrid water heaters, low-flow shower heads, and passive lighting layouts to help maximize daytime light from the sun. Anything they can do to help reduce energy consumption in the home.


No extra cost!


One of the biggest drawbacks to eco-friendly products is their cost. Despite advancing technology, going green often costs homeowners more than it saves in the beginning, and the financial rewards take time to materialize. Stellar home’s additions could cost up to $16,000! But here’s the real kicker: they won’t raise the prices of the homes! They will also come with a 30-year warranty.


Home energy consumption


The Florida climate can get mighty unfriendly at times. We do have some beautiful weather, but nobody is claiming that the hot summer days are easy to get through. Home energy costs can get pretty high here. Did you know that American spend $2,000 on home energy each year? A lot of that comes from lighting and water. By taking the eco-friendly approach, we can all start cutting back. It’ll help our wallets and help our planet!


Stellar Homes has taken a big leap forward with their announcement that all homes will come standard with eco-friendly equipment like solar panels, hybrid heaters, and low-flow shower heads. With the climate the way it is around Bradenton, I expect this trend to pick up big time in local real estate!