3 Surprising Factors That Drastically Increase Home Value

3 Surprising Factors That Drastically Increase Home Value

factors that increase home's value
you’d be surprised which factors got buyer’s attention

When trying to sell your Bradenton home, there’s an awful lot that you’ve got to focus on to try and entice buyers in. You’ve probably already become somewhat of a real estate expert yourself since putting your home to market. Chances are that you know everything there is to know about home value, square-footage, curb appeal, and the other buzzwords that go into getting someone to buy your house. But let’s face, the market is competitive and you’ve got to get every edge that you possibly can in this business.


Don’t worry, I’m here to let you in on a few insider tips that I’ve learned over the years. After talking with a lot of prospective homebuyers, I’ve got a good feel about the hidden extras that they’re looking for in a home. Here are 3 surprising factors that drastically increase a home’s value.


#1) Brand amenities closeby


Now you might know that the surrounding amenities within walking distance or a short drive from your house have big value when it comes to selling your home(if you didn’t, then now you do!). What I mean by that is if there’s a good gym, restaurants, nightlife, shopping malls, etc. But what most people aren’t aware of is that brand name amenities carry a lot more weight than just your run of the mill place. For example, saying there’s a great coffee shop nearby doesn’t hold a candle to there being a Starbucks in the neighborhood. Don’t believe me? Homes near Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods have all drastically increased in value recently. Now, we also have to take into account that these stores typically open in affluent areas to begin with, but it’s hard to ignore the serious gains that they’ve made.


#2) Beautiful trees and foliage


Now wait a minute. Is that true? Yes it is. Homes in Bradenton, Florida, and the rest of the country actually see sales price increases when the home’s surrounding area is populated with beautiful old trees and luscious greens. There’s a even a tool to calculate the value of the trees. We all know how much a nicely kept lawn helps curb appeal, too, so don’t ever forget that either.


#3) The neighbors

The people that surround your home could also have a surprising affect on the sales price. The way they keep up their own homes, the way they behave, etc all have a big affect on sales price. According to a home study done by Halifax Home Insurance, bad neighbors can affect the sale price of a home by tens of thousands of dollars. If you’ve got great neighbors, then hype them up in your ads. Talk about the great times that you’ve had and how easy going they are. If they are a little on the anti-social side or even a bit cooky, try to spin it in a positive light. “Quiet neighbors” is infinitely better than “hermits”, if you catch my drift!


Trying to get the most value from your home takes delicate balance and bit of maneuvering. You need to know what to focus on and what to leave on the back burner a bit. These 3 surprising factors can add a lot of value to your home in Bradenton, so don’t forget to include them in your advertisements. Of course, a great real estate agent doesn’t hurt either!