How to Keep Kids Safe Around Your Bradenton Pool

How to Keep Kids Safe Around Your Bradenton Pool


Pool safety is essential in Bradenton
Pool safety is essential in Bradenton

Florida has some of the best year-round weather of any place in the world, so it’s no surprise that there are over one million swimming pools in this state. All of the family fun, excitement, and relaxation is sadly marred by the tragic dangers that they often come with, especially down here. Drowning is the leading cause of death among children 1-4 in our state, and our drowning rate is the highest in the nation. Bradenton’s weather lends itself to having an awesome pool to enjoy, but knowing how to keep your kids safe around your Bradenton pool is a necessity. Here are a few safety tips that you can use right away:


First, always teach your kids to swim


This isn’t a tip so much as a reminder that most of us get all of the time. We are a water state. The ocean, lakes, rivers, swamps, and pools in Florida make us one of the wettest states in the union, meaning all Floridians need to know how to swim. There are plenty of classes around Bradenton, and you might even be able to find free ones if you look hard enough. It’s fun, great exercise, and could even be life saving.


Play the lifeguard


There’s nothing better than having adult supervision on the kids at all times. Young children should never be in the pool alone, and older kids need to be checked on regularly. Choose someone to be the designated lifeguard or “child watcher”, and make sure that they understand it’s not a leisurely activity. Drowning rarely happens like it does in Hollywood. There won’t be splashing and kicking. This is a silent danger, and someone needs to keep their eyes on it at all times.


Put in safety guards


Even if it isn’t legally mandated(which in some counties it is), implementing safety measures like a net or removable fence around your pool is a great pool safety tip for your Bradenton home. It is recommended that you do it even if you don’t have kids. You never know if a kid is going to wander over from the neighborhood or if your friends might want to bring kids over. Someone tripping and falling in could easily be avoided. Make sure yours is see through for easy monitoring.


Learn CPR


CPR is a great thing to know in any situation. Being able to save someone’s life is always a valuable tool, but it’s especially true when it comes to kids and pools. If a child or adult becomes unresponsive, you could swing this life-or-death situation to the good side. As a pool owner, this skill is essential.


Bradenton has perfect weather for a great swimming pool but if you have small children, then you need to be aware of the dangers. Don’t let them become a statistic. Use these tips on how to keep safe around your Bradenton pool, and rest assured that you are doing all you can to be safe.