What is Staging a Home and Why Does it Matter When Selling?

What is Staging a home and Why Does it Matter When Selling?


Selling your home in Bradenton usually isn’t that difficult. At least not when compared to selling it in the rest of the country. The main reason being that this a booming town and there are a ton of people either looking for their first home, a new home, a vacation spot, or perhaps a little place to retire. That’s what makes this town so great. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be no work at all. One of the most important aspects of getting a home off of your shoulders and into the hands of a new owner is staging. The problem is that a lot of people overlook it or skip it all together. Not good! Want to sell your home in Florida quickly? Here are some good tips for staging.


First, what is staging and why is it important?


Good question. Staging is simply preparing your home for sale on the market. It’s the art of sprucing it up and accentuating its finer points while hiding any flaws it might have. Pretend like the people coming to look at your home are like your in laws. You wouldn’t want to show the place to them when it was dirty, would you? Staging makes your home appealing to more buyers and gets your home off the market more quickly. Don’t believe me yet? Scope out some of these statistics:


  • 46% of agents agreed that buyers who see a house online are more likely to visit it if staged.
  • 95% of staged houses sell in 11 days or less on average.
  • The majority of agents agreed that staging ups a home’s value at least 5%, with evaluations going as high as 20% higher!


So setting the scene just right to appeal to the highest number of buyers really works. People like it because it helps them visualize themselves in the property more, and of course because our natural psyche tends to like things looking neat and ordered rather than chaotic.


How and where to stage


The question is now: where do you put the most effort into staging your home? The obvious answer would be to say all of the rooms, but the real answer is that some rooms are more important than others, and you should react accordingly. Put the majority of your effort into staging the:



  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • And master bedroom



These rooms are where your potential buyers are really going to look hard. It’s where they’ll spend the bulk of their time if they buy from you, and the rooms with the most value in the home. Set up the living room nice by adding some good throw pillows on the couch and putting new curtains on the windows that are easy on the eyes. For your kitchen, organize all of the cupboards and open shelves, add colorful hand towels to the stove handle, and set out some fresh fruit on the table.


From those rooms you can move along to the less important ones. Do the dining room and bathroom next if you have any extra time and money.


Staging your home for sale is extremely important. The better it looks, the more it will appeal to a wide range of buyers. Concentrate on the most important rooms first, and remember that good lighting and and some fresh paint go a long way! If you don’t feel up to it, then professional realtors can always recommend good staging services or even take care of it for you. I might even get my hands dirty a bit!