DIY Tips That Instantly Add Value to Your Home(part 2)

Going DIY will make your home and your bank account worth more

DIY Tips That Instantly Add Value to Your Home(part 2!)


Make your home look better. Save money. Learn skills. It’s all here.

DIY tips that add value to your home
Going DIY will make your home and your bank account worth more


In part 1 we covered a few DIY tips that would instantly add value to your home. People these days are kind of caught in a conundrum: they want to make their homes look nice to stand out in a recovering market, but they don’t have the money to invest in major cosmetic operations for their home.


There are plenty of great things you can do around your home to add value to it without breaking the bank. You’ll even learn a few good tricks to help make yourself look like Mr. Fix-it(hey, brownie points are worth something too, right!?) Here are a few more DIY tips that will instantly add value to your home:


Replacing the faucets and handles


Nobody likes to struggle to turn the handle to get water out of the sink, only for a trickle of water to start running out of a rusted, jagged faucet. Fixtures are usually cheap, and changing yours to a sleek gold or silver will instantly make your home look more modern and luxurious. Some sets can be found for around $100 or sometimes less if you get your timing right, and installing them isn’t that hard at all.


Here’s a great article on how to install a bathroom faucet from Lowe’s.


Add a flagstone patio


Want a fun weekend-long project to undertake? How about making a flagstone patio? The reason this one is considered simple is that you can lay the foundation(normally a very difficult task) with just gravel or other crushed stone. This is called a “dry-laid” patio. Once the base is laid out, you can put the flagstone down and cut it easily with a chisel and a hammer to fit it in. Normally, laying the base and cutting the stones is very difficult, but it’s good for DIY’ers because those two steps are relatively easy. Check out this tutorial to learn more.


Paint the floor in your garage


One of the most popular things that prospective buyers are looking for, especially young families that need space, is a garage. Now, the benefits of one are clear(a safe place to park your car, extra storage space for your things, and extra fridge space for big food items), but how about making yours look a lot nicer for next to nothing and in very little time? Get a couple of rollers and brushes, a jug of grey paint, and paint the floor in your garage. This might be the easiest DIY tip that adds value to your home. The result is a garage that is resistant to stains and looks a lot nicer on the eyes.


People looking to either sell their home or just make the one they want to stay in nicer are usually looking to upgrade, but don’t want to shell out big bucks for full-makeover home renovations. These DIY tips will instantly add value to your home, and most won’t cost you very much at all. So roll up your sleeves and get to work! For more great real estate tips, check out my Bradenton real estate blog!